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In a jailhouse interview, the first ever, with author Kristie Macrakis, he designated himself "a treasonous bastard, not a Cold War spy. After James Hall was apprehended, Severin was exfiltrated to the West with his family.

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James also met his future wife, who worked at a local restaurant in Bischofsgruen, a popular tourist town where the majority of the Detachment soldiers lived. Despite the above developed discussion, there is no scientific evidence about the concrete increase in security generated by the German intelligence services and I doubt that there are respective findings for other countries.

On the paradox of parliamentary control over services operating secretly

As a part of the routine background investigation associated with the warrant appointment, one of his supervisors, a Major Hall was, at the time, a staff sergeantcommented to the investigator that he found it strange that Hall could drive a car, the Volvo, that the Major couldn't afford.

Transparency as a threat to security? Now, exchange, counsel and deliberation are crucial if parliamentarians are to develop strategies and take action. As parliamentary controller he received extensive information about intelligence agency activities, including details about people under surveillance and the results of such measures.

Despite these developments, the current practice of the PKGr is falling short from fully exploiting its possibilities. Its sessions are mostly public, although experience shows that many topics that are of interest to the public are treated in closed sessions and that the relevant documentation is not published or largely blackened.

More to control on a federal level Hahn told DW that members of parliament have had to fight for their control power for years. As a consequence, there are many examples in history where they were well aware of deficits of the intelligence services and yet, not able to put them to an end Waske, There is a public consensus on that need, at least on a discursive level, and we hear many suggestions for how to improve the parliamentary control over intelligence services, many of them calling for better resources in terms of time and staff.