inundate | Definition of inundate in English by Oxford Dictionaries inundate | Definition of inundate in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Pasaj unirii inundating, trends of 'inundate'

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Plato speaks, saying that parts of the world are now inundated, and are now burnt up by alternate changes; and although he says that the world itself is Water ngrr dating sites stations are inoperable, and Gazans have access to clean water only once a week: Flooding was at previously unknown levels, inundating areas that people normally treated as safe high ground.

They kept the celebrations going later in bars and taverns and the headquarters of counter-revolutionary organizations, inundating the radio waves, all of them together, with their brazen diatribes and threats against anyone in Miami who opposed these anti-Cuban misdeeds.

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And that the Nile is inundated in summer, by reason of the waters carried down into it from the snows in northern latitudes. We believe that not all the reports produced by the Office should be transmitted to the General Assembly, in order to avoid inundating the Assembly with documents and taking up its time and effort in considering matters that lie within the internal competence of the Secretariat.

Noah Webster's Dictionary 1.

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Herodotus [] relates how that Astyages, king of the Medes, saw in a dream issuing from the womb of his virgin daughter a flood which inundated Asia; and I have seen the human toll of disasters - from earthquakes in China and Haiti to floods in Pakistan and Bangladesh to Superstorm Sandy, which affected the Caribbean and North America, even inundating the lower floors of the UN facilities in New York.

Suggest an example Results: The act of inundating, or the state of being inundated; an overflow; a flood; a rising and spreading of water over grounds.

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Conjugation Other translations Rather than inundating the Security Council with unsubstantiated accusations, Lebanon should focus its efforts on participating productively in the trilateral forum, which Israel regards as the most effective forum in which to address routine incidents.

At that time the future Babylonia was a pestiferous marsh, inundated by the unchecked overflow of the rivers which flowed through it. With warming weather, the Himalayan snow will melt and torrential waters will flow down from the north, inundating the flat alluvial plain.

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