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It is also standard practice to put a comma after the name of the person you're addressing. Dear Michael, Thanks for paying for dinner last night.

Perfect Yo girl perfect. The word Dear is an adjective.

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In fact, it is the most common way to end a salutation. Thank you once again for hosting our discussion.

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So, you can happily end your salutation with a comma and start the next sentence afresh. It's All About the Vocative Case In English, when you address someone or something directly, the name you use is offset with a comma if it's at the very start or end of the sentence or two commas if it's in the middle.

Perfect [Verse 3] Gucci Mane La Flare, you can call me Wilt Chamberlain EA Sports cause its all in the game man Jumped out early, start weed slangin' Progressed up to cocaine and gang bangin' Damn yo' baby girl, in love with a banger Twistin' up his fingers cause he love?

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In very formal circumstances, you could follow your salutation with a colon. I regret to inform you that your application has been declined.

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Using a colon instead of a comma after such an informal salutation would not be an error, but it would be unusual. Perfect, you fucked up but you paid her I paid her but i'd probably pay more Whip need 4 horse, 2 jays, 2 doors More on Genius.

Hello, Michael, Thanks for paying for dinner last night.

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Yo girl flirtin' cause my chain perfect Watch ring perfect, earring perfect. Putting a comma after Dear would be as bad as putting one after red in red bus.