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She is last seen where she accidently went inside of the train with Yu. During the party, the Inaba local news comes on with Marie now as the station's new weather girl. When the party finally arrives, Yu tries to rush in to save her, but his body becomes controlled by Kunino-sagiriand is turned against the party.

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She tells them everything about Yu dating older women. She sobs in her father's arms, and begs for his forgiveness. Heaven, a paradise created by Nanako's purity. The 'neutral' ending fast-forwards to spring of the next year, during which Dojima takes the protagonist to the train station to head back home to his parents, lamenting that Nanako had yet to recover enough to see him depart.

As Nanako continues spying on Yu, Teddie interrupts her and sniffs out Yu's scent.

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Yu manages to gather his strength to break free from Kunino-sagiri's control, and catches her before she hits the ground.

Nanako gives the politician an innocent yet genuine answer, which later makes the local TV news.

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With nothing else better to do that day, Nanako tags along after being invited as well. A few days later, when Dojima intercepts a second warning letter left in the Dojimas' mailbox, he angrily brings the protagonist to the police department for questioning, and leaves Nanako home alone.

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In the months since the protagonist's departure, Nanako has begun to take piano lessons, much like her mother once did. Inside the Midnight Channel, Nanako's presence creates her reality, Heavenwhich reflects her innocence and her wish to see her mother, whom Nanako believed to be in Heaven after her death.

Only Dojima is there to see the protagonist off as he leaves Inaba and the stifling fog over Inaba never dissipates.

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Not wanting to hurt her innocent feelings, the protagonist eats the whole "chocolate. The duo, now named Kanakoko, performs at the festival and are well received by the audience. She later sees Yu while he is holding something and continues her investigation of him. She is also the maternal cousin of the protagonist.

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