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Pico dating sim 2, pico sim date 2

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Errand Boy - Don't care, leave it as it is, search the A-wing, mall parking lot, original bostom cream donuts. You see what happens is when you have all 9 of them you just go up to the big door and it will say " Fix " and you will then by chicking yes, unlock the door and then you just walk through.

If you're in a rush, buy the correct flashes ahead of time before meeting the girl. What do you do when your Sims 2 Body shop is not working? Pico has to have high charm,intellegence and strengthpoints. I found that charm wasn't very important, since the most expensive clothing is an automatic introduction and relationship boost.

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This should go on for 25 days or until you hit the highest promotion. Deleting those files hurts nothing and your game will generate new ones when it starts up again.

Pico Sim Date 2

Pico sim date 2 cheats? Yes there is a Mac version of Sims 2 and a range of expansion packs too. Pico sim date walkthrough? My waist size is 53 My zodiac sign is Capricorn My hip size is 86 i have two brothers My favorite design label is Dremino I want to see that horror Into the Shadows My weight is 50 kg My favorite pie is potato pie My breasts are size 78 I am cm tall My number is My Favorite band is Insantious my iq test score is My favorite music style is rnb My birthday is August 17 I work as clerk in my dads shop i usually shop at m'bottlers What is Pico sim date 2 security no.?

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And now Pico Hasto make Nene fall in love with him before the End of the schoolyear dance! I don't know i think its different for everyone i tryd and it don't work.

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Insert the disk ,click on my computer the sims logo will appear click on it, the installation will begin, after asking you to fill in what language you speak and what the code is on the back of the sims 2 instruction manual. Why is the Sims 2 not working on my computer? It shows you a list of all the programs on your computer.

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It's a smart thing to do in case if something bad happens or after something amazing happens. Dustin - Give him a chance Charity - Music festival Big boss golf - Special game offer Jazzy Jack - Refuse 2 people found this useful What do you do if your sims 2 bodyshop is not working?

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