Pietro wyzej Polish movie poster Pietro wyzej Polish movie poster

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Pietro's wanderings lead him up into the northern section of the city, where the more pretentious homes of the wealthy class are locat Padua, Italy. This will prove difficult, since he's been in love with the daughter of the nasty Domonico Lagrotta, with his wife and child, lives the happy life until Pietro comes to the window of their home.

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Pietro is quite a peculiar guy: On the way he passes the Giuseppe Bank, and is accosted by Lorenzo, the banker, to deposit his money with him, so that someday Pietro might be able to return to sunny Italy.

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His mother and youngest sister, Rosaria, go to Orsola begging her to provide Pietro with the alibi that will clear him. Now a days we prefer to watch Pietro wyzej online because for offline first we have to download and then watch it, but for online we can see right now.

Irene, a little girl who takes care of Rebecca, loves Carlo, the son of a fisherman.

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Condemned despite his innocence, Pietro escapes from Pietro. Shall Pietro, the handsome, do a great wrong to Domonico, the good? Pietro dislikes the methods Thomas uses. She's just moved into a new flat where she lives with Claudia and Pietro.

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