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To obtain ownership, you have to pay extra money and it is considerable. Silvana, Australia Beautiful apartment!

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Only when the daughter falls into a deep depression, scores on the human instinct, conscience tries to speak to his son and his lover. All the comfort, however, that this situation will last for a short time, because soon Beata and Bartek will be on his own.

Dedicate to this all their money, has made a considerable sum of Bartek's mother, Teresa, a widow for ten years. The owner was very helpful and attentive. Will recommend it to friends.

Even when Beata and Bartek abandons kids for another woman and moves out of home, brutally beating his wife goodbye, he can not condemn it strongly.

This is particularly nice at night. Beata feels worse at home mother in law. After falling off a slippery slope Beata - completely alone, resourceless, desperate - would go to extremes.

The more so dismisses the prospect of moving out the young, the more the growing animosity, resentment and multiply konflity about money, about the mess in the room occupied by the family's son, a job search incompetent by Beata, to withdraw children from kindergarten, where she will find a job now.