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Then, giving him several wounds, they made sure of his death; After a period of many days when no perpetrator was discovered, it was thought that no one except the workman could have committed the act. On the night following, they set upon Polidoro while he was slumbering deeply, and strangled him with a cloth.

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His other works, as well as those of his partner, Maturino da Firenze, have mostly perished from exposure, as most were external decorations on the facades of palaces, but are known from many etchings by Pietro Santi BartoliCherubino Alberti and others. The Christ bearing the Cross shows considerable Northern influence, probably reflecting the traditionally strong links between Sicily and the Netherlands.

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Upon receiving intelligence of the assistant's alleged involvement, he was captured on the authority of the Count of Messina, and tortured until he confessed to the crime. In the second half of the sixteenth century his tomb in Messina inside Carmine Maggiore, with the tomb of Constantine Lascaris was totally destroyed during the repression of the Counter-Reformation.

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Polidoro fled to Naplesand from there to Messinawhere he was very successful. They were authors of the facade decoration in classicising Graffitousually in grisailleof several Roman houses, like those ones in Borgo and in Parione near Santa Maria della Pace and in Via del Pellegrino. In order to make preparations for this trip, he withdrew all of his savings from the bank for the trip to Rome.

Shortly thereafter, he was sentenced to the gallowstorn with red-hot pincersand quartered [9].

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According to tradition, he was about to return from there to the mainland of Italy when he was robbed and murdered by an assistant, Tonno Calabrese, in According to Vasariwhilst working as a labourer carrying the materials for the builders of the Vatican logge he ingratiated himself with the artists, and attracted the admiration of Maturino da Firenzeone of Raphael's main assistants in the ongoing decoration of the Vatican.

One of his pupils is Deodato Guinaccia.

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Upon discovering this, one of Polidoro's workmen, along with several accomplices, resolved to put the master to death on the following night, and then to divide the money among themselves.

He and Maturino then set up as painters of palace facades, usually in sgraffitowith considerable success until the sack of Rome by the army of Charles V under the command of Constable de Bourbon inin which Maturino was killed.

He then joined Raphael's large workshop, in aboutand worked on the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican.

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Silvestro al Quirinale, Rome c.