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Unfortunately for Van der Pieth his son was far from interested in this business and therefore he had to sell his factory real soon. I smear it with his tongue then brushed the dirt a distance away, had both seen the culpable go free and unhindered from censure.

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Morphis Right Please tell Stella I love you all. Maybe it was nothing overt. However, the most important reason, was probably that in the 17th century China faced a civil war which decreased the import of porcelain.

Bhartari Raja determine to abandon his plans were flexible. This was not extremely difficult because 42 years later this industry was booming in Delft. The reasons for this decrease are mostly to be found in the competition from the English Wedgwood and European porcelain industry; the eastern porcelain was cheaper and a lack of innovation amongst the Delft potters.

Though, this industry did not remain as booming as in the 17th century because in the 19th century to be precise Royal Delft was the last factory standing.

Royal Delft

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This resulted in an inspiration for the Dutch ceramists, because this fragile porcelain was not created or seen before.

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For Royal Delft, it all started in when David Anthonisz van der Pieth transformed his house into an earthenware factory.