Narcotic Prescription Filling Laws in Florida | Narcotic Prescription Filling Laws in Florida |

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What can I do to prevent this in the future? We have some quizzes for you over there. To protect health and public safety and to deter illegal drug trafficking, Florida law regulates the dispensing of narcotics to patients.

However, every time we call the physician, we get the same response. I'll just take the 10," she responded. Do not alter anything If the doctor made a mistake with the date, name or something else, take it back or let the pharmacist deal with it. Put more effort into having your prescriber use electronic prescription delivery methods.

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But, paying cash is a sure way of telling the pharmacist and regulatory authorities you are up to no good. The pharmacist must initial the prescription and indicate the date that the prescription has been filled.

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I totally should have figured that one out. It is a major red flag even if you just left the emergency room or urgent care clinic.

10 ways to increase the odds of filling your narcotic prescription at a pharmacy

Only a rookie pharmacist will tell you their controlled substance stock level until they learn otherwise. Stay away from the weekends Do not wait till Friday, Saturday or Sunday before filling your narcotic prescription. Doctors and pharmacists must submit prescription information on a patient to receive a patient advisory report.

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I decided not to tell her this little fact because I was curious to see what would happen when she found out. If you alter anything, you are not only going to get in trouble with the pharmacy but also with the doctor and the law.

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