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I originally planned to do some research on the film accuracy, but I decided not to.

Postales de Leningrado / Postcards from Leningrad (2007) [Repost]

She also goes stylized for the in the third act making the film inconsistent in its look. Just like Mystic in Bali the first horror film I saw from Indonesia it left a rather poor impression on me.

The material do give the actor enough to work with, but they put little effort in anything. The film seems to have used footage of actual warfare during the s in Venezuela.

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The acting is plain terrible. If I am able to endure the US killer cookie trilogy and Japan film series about a giant flying fire breathing turtle. Sounds interesting, but we unfortunately have two young kids narrating our story and they get annoying. Plus they make the already muddle story even harder to follow by switching between the two narrators.

There's also another scene where a person is shot in the back, red crayola blood appears again, and the blood makes flowers around the corpse.

Will I ever see anything from Venezuela again? There's a scene where a guerillas prisoner takes a shard of glass, cuts his chest with it, and then a red crayola squiggly line appears for blood.

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The actor lack of line convincing line delivery and facial expressions destroy scenes after scenes. Postcard From Leningrad Postales de Leningrado suffers from poor writing, poor production values, and a unfocused direction.

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I even heard a Spanish speaking narrator trying to talk over a English narrator. The kids feel the need to talk even when the film clearly established what is going on and even saying the same exact dialogue while the adults are talking. We have one to many flashbacks where it defeats the purpose of having flashbacks.

Since the kids are telling the story it has a inconsistent tone.

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