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She was assigned to the Capital Police Station in episode 8, but sometimes visits her old place as a controlling person.

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Dorota Chotecka as Jola - a ginger-haired prostitute and Czarek's girlfriend. Kasia appears in both seasons. Has a relationship with Jola. Czarek joins the group in the first episode and is mistaken for being the new Station Chief.

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They have feelings for each other, but they try to hide them. Deputy Kasia - the main female character of the show, Kasia is a beautiful but not very smart policewoman educated as nurse.

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He doesn't like Czarek from the beginning and tries anything to get rid of him. Czarek is a nervous, eccentric and unpleasant policeman who always gets into hot water while trying to solve problems.

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Marek Walczewski as Sr. Deputy Arnold "Arnie" - a not very intelligent musclehead with a heart of gold. His name and appearance are based on Arnold Schwarzenegger of whom he is a big fan, while his way of speaking is based on Schwarzenegger's character T

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