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She believes in equality among people and believes there is good in everybody, despite her father trying to convince her that these ideas are nothing but naive. Her hair's light color had led many to accuse her of dying it, but Prea has not and the light blond is her natural hair color.

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Prae rarely uses her Potentia ability, due to the fact she is convinced it is a curse rather than a gift. Her long blond hair reaches down to her waist and is almost always left to flow freely. Meet Hispanic or Latino singles near you!

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A study by Harvard and Chicago universities found that spouses who met online were both more satisfied in their marriages and less likely to get divorced than couples meeting offline. The energy is rather difficult to penetrate, making her shields very effective.

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Designed with you in mind All you need to think about is that all important first date! A comprehensive Latino dating site, we'll help you find love that lasts By far the simplest way Prae uses her energy, is by keeping it in its sphere form and using it as a fast moving wrecking ball.

Her big charamal brown eyes refelect her sweet and gentle nature, contradicinting her powerful Potentia ability. Prae may seem shy to some, but those who know her better are aware of the careful approach to life she takes, partially due to her social status making her a potential target.