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Boyfriend Nadeem Saifi Since she has faded from the status of a public person with her retirement from the movie industry, it is hard to know if she has anyone in her life.

When a journalist found out about their secret code names, and asked Pratibha about it, she stated without any shyness, that she loves Nadeem and that they are going to marry. But it was not just a silly love of two young people, it was a strong love that made them do crazy things just to keep it alive and not give up, even thought he was married.

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Introduction She was born on July 4 Nadeem went as far as revealing that her mother would beat Pratibha up and forced her to act, even thought she did not like it, and he only tried to help her.

And of course, fell in love with one and other. Inat the age of only 31, she quit acting. She made her debut into the film industry inwith the film Mehboob Mere Mehboob, which unfortunately did not get much popularity.

Her mother, could not agree on this affair and tried to end it in any way she could, it is said that she even spoke to an influential politician to help her out.

Ideal Dating Situation It is unknown if she has anyone in her life or if she is looking for anyone. They gave code names to each other so they could send messages without anyone knowing. Her parents are Mala Sinha, the former actress and C. Lohani, a former businessman from Nepal.

With a career of only 8 years and 14 film in which she has acted, sadly, it cannot be called a succesful career.

Once she came back to Mumbai, her mind and personality changed to degrees, stating that she never wanted to marry Nadeem. Unfortunately, there was not much hype for her, and this did not lead to much popularity for her, and since her departure from the film industry, almost 17 years ago, she disappeared from the public eye, so nothing much can be told about her, as there is not much information out there either.

It is reported that she still lives with her mother, since she was not able to develop her career as an actress. No one understood what happened, especially Nadeem, who was clearly hurt by her statements, claiming that he was on the verge of divorcing his wife just to marry her.

In the 90s, she met Nadeem Saifi, a famous musician. But not even these extreme actions could not stop their love and desire of one and other.