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Pretty little liars brett dier dating, 47 things we know about season 6b of pretty little liars

Instagram 9 of 47 He is been in the Jazz Band in High School and obtained honors.

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Instagram 11 of 47 We suggest paying very close attention to the upcoming summer season of Pretty Little Liars, as it will clearly set the tone for Ravenswood. And who could blame them?

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Our worlds are colliding. Instagram 3 of 47 4.

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Instagram 28 of 47 Instagram 23 of 47 Instagram 25 of 47 Although we're scared to find out what will happen to our favourite couples after five years, we still can't wait to see Ezra, Caleb and Toby back on our screens.

Duly noted, but I was really just going to see if you have some food. And judging by the badge Spencer is wearing, it looks like one of them is getting into politics our money's on Melissa.

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Finishing the season meant Lucy could go back to her dark side for at least a few months. Instagram 31 of 47 And that's something, right? He sent Miranda into foster care when her parents died over 10 years ago.

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The most important development was the discovery of the A lair to end all A lairs, which had all the dirt on the Liars and Alison, hey girl laid out on white boards like it was been put together by a slightly less-unhinged Glenn Beck.