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Peach only Took a Level in Badass here because she was given a magical Parasol of Pain by Toadsworth and having access to Vibe Power due to Bowser's Vibe Scepter going awry, otherwise she has difficulty performing the basic Mario Goomba Stompwhich does make sense since she's never been capable of putting up much of a fight against Bowser before.

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Even the game text doesn't address him by name. In order to play the final boss battle, the player must rescue all of the Toads.

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February Learn how and when to remove this template message Princess Peach navigates a level in World 2, Hoo's Wood. The lower screen indicates that she is expressing the "calm" vibe; this can also be seen in the faint bubble surrounding her in the upper screen.

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The main detail of Perry's backstory. Joy Yellow Heart - Peach becomes very happy as if walking on air, which allows her to slowly ascend in a small tornado, gust fogs and clouds, turn windmills, push down fountains, hit blocks above her and blow enemies away. All of the mini games has the player control Toad in a variety of activities such as a platforming mode.

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After completing every world, Perry's flashbacks are revealed. In some of the boss levels, there is a minigame where you lose control of Peach and protect her from an onslaught of obstacles.

There are three mini games within the game and the levels are unlocked as the player finds more mini game pieces in the levels. In this spinoff, Peach is the heroine trying to save Mario from Bowser.

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