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What are the rules regarding partners moving and guests, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends staying over? Before you embark on your property journey together, make sure: Property Transfer Your conveyancing attorney will receive the signed offer to purchase, complete a number of tasks, liaise with various parties and lodge the sale documents at the Deeds office.

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NoBroker found the right people whom I can trust for my rental property. I would definitely look forward to associate with Nobroker in the future too. It may mean someone moving out but retaining ownership, or it might be that all parties decide to sell. It is always a good idea to seek independent financial advice on what will work best for your set of circumstances.

Sell Your Property Privately

Together you will be sharing the cost of: When you are all ready to sell the property, you may well make enough money to invest in your very own property.

They have a lot of real estate ads and options to choose from, they will be with you until you find your house. I am very happy with the services of NoBroker. Make sure you are all open and honest about any potential cash flow problems that might impact on your meeting the collective mortgage repayments.

Attorneys will be able to supply you with the relevant paperwork like an offer to purchase, and with any legal advice that you may require.