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That meant serious trouble, as the pumps needed to cool the overheated reactors with water stopped running when their battery backups were exhausted. The uses of radiation include smoke detectors, paper-thickness gauges, treating cancer and sterilising medical equipment.

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The number of protons in the nucleus determines the behavior of an atom. As water cools the fuel rods in the innermost container, steam is created.

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Martin, MD on April 15, Sources. MOX fuel contains plutonium in far greater amounts than regular nuclear fuel and would be more toxic if released into the environment.

Back ina safety official with the U.

As of March 30, the U. Department of Energy is based on aerial surveillance rather than information gathered on the ground. Officials in Japan have warned that babies in and around Tokyo should not be given tap water, which has been found to contain levels of radioactive iodine at twice the upper limit recommended for babies, according to media reports.

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But remember, the nuclear plants in Japan were hit by an earthquake and tsunami of record proportions. The US military is sending barges loaded withgallons of fresh water to nearby Onahama Bay. Nuclear reactors generate power via controlled nuclear fission, which occurs when enough radioactive material is gathered into a critical mass.

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There is another isotope, hydrogen-2 also known as deuteriumthat has one proton and one neutron. Penetrative properties of different types of radiation Alpha radiation Alpha radiation is the least penetrating.

Aluminum is therefore called a stable atom. It also releases hydrogen, which can build up inside the building.

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However, the internal containment walls appeared to remain intact. On April 10, the U. Gamma radiation Gamma radiation is the most penetrating.

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