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The accelerator cable enclosed inside the handlebar was another unique Jawa design. Royal Enfield Explorer Royal Enfield collaborated up with German bike maker Zundapp, for a brief period of time in the s, and the Explorer was a result of this collaboration.

But the memories and the emotions they evoked are what makes them so special.

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These are light and efficient. There are a bunch of bikes that you may have never seen, or even heard about.

Rajdoot 350

See all used Rajdoot Motorcycles listed on OLX for sale and you might find an interesting deal that fits your budjet However, the GTS is one of the most popular motorcycles made by Rajdoot in the s and 80s.

While the GTS is definitely cute and adorable to look at, it invariably reminds us of another small motorcycle, Honda Grom.

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Also in stock were tanks of another failed Rajdoot motorcycle, Rajdoot Ranger. The build quality is inferior to that of the HT models. Due to finacial problems we sold it now I bought it back from the same person.

The GTS was more popularly known as Bobby, a name much more familiar amongst everyone who has heard of this motorcycle. The GTS has a cc two-stroke single cylinder engine, which gives an impression of a decently powerful unit, but it produced only 7.

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The two motorcycles are so similar in stature, yet, so much apart. These bikes are now long gone. The early bikes have high Japanese part content, but Escorts India localised most of the parts in less than three years. Yezdi also launched a cc twin in but the model never took off.

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