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Secretary of Statea meeting which led to a pledge by members to fight communism. An unclear homicide[ edit ]. He was unreceptive towards strict discipline and traditional curricula.

These classes were to be held at a Sunday school and provided a medium to further provide education to a wider range of people. Therefore, in the political leader decided to leave behind the liberals and create his own party, the National Unity of the Revolutionary leftists UNIR.

This would be divided into three different sectors: He was advocating for teaching the disadvantaged populace subjects outside of traditional curricula, including topics such as hygiene. He had a history of job instability and considered that he could get a position worthy of his status as a reincarnation of Santander and Quesada.

Using his persuasive and pedagogical skills to manifest his then revolutionary ideology, Gaitan managed to mobilise the country through social movements like never before, his death being the climax of a historical turning point.

Accordingly, the "political country" was controlled by the interests of the oligarchy and its internal struggles, therefore it did not properly respond to the real demands of the "national country"; that is, the country made up of citizens in need of better socioeconomic conditions and greater sociopolitical freedom.

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There is no official verdict on the murder of the charismatic leader, leaving the motives of his killer, Juan Roa, open to much speculation. In he participated in the presidential elections but was defeated by the conservative party leader Mariano Ospina Perez.

A year later he was one of the main figures in the protests against the then president Marco Fidel Suarez. From this evidence the government of Colombia concluded that the impoverished Roa with his diminished mental capacities had been paid to stand near the event with a recently fired revolver.