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Upon learning that her sister was alive and wanted to return to Texas to seek out their family, Nora was going to leave Miles, Charlie, and Aaron to assault Bas.

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The benefit provides the perfect opportunity for Emily to train her sights on taking down Dr. He joins the rebellion to fight alongside Charlie, with a reluctant Miles refusing to trust his motivations until he agrees to help interrogate his own father. Cynthia Jessica CollinsAaron's girlfriend.

Maggie's relationship with Charlie is often strained, since she is her de facto stepmother, but Maggie cares for Ben's children as her own. Seeking at first to defend innocent people and restore order to society after the collapse, they used their combined military experience to organize a standing militia.

After rescuing Danny, Miles resolved to defeat Monroe once and for all when he realized that the various pendants Rachel and Ben invented can grant Monroe massive firepower including nuclear capability against countless people who are reduced to fighting with guns, swords and bows and arrows after the blackout.

Aaron has a great deal of suppressed guilt and remorse over abandoning his wife. It is later learned that the nanites helped power the device to keep Danny alive.

In the Season 2 finale, he was later arrested by the Texas Rangers for being a war criminaland loses his power. Because government and public order collapsed, several areas are ruled by militias and their generals.

Flynn has chosen to cooperate with the Monroe Republic after he became convinced that Monroe didn't have "his own head up his ass" and provides enough information to re-enable the vehicles and weaponry that Monroe collected over the years.

Before she was a traitor, she came to Savannah, Georgia to announce the re-establishment of the United States Government and to help pass out some food to the refugees. Michelle Banks, the psychiatrist responsible for institutionalizing her as a little girl, separating her from her dad for good.

She told Aaron that she loved him and always will, kissed him and told him to stop worrying about her. She shot Jason Neville when he was in soldier mode in self-defense.