Rovinieta, roviniete, rovignette Rovinieta, roviniete, rovignette

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Log in if you don't have an account, click on Register to create an account add an order and fill in the details for the requested ro-vignettes choose the payment modality and send the order.

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Moreover, our company will not be able to contact and inform you about your order. It is NOT possible to issue a ro-vignette ealier than 30 days at the most before the date when its validity starts.

Payment by bank transfer For orders you chose to pay by bank transfer, the vignette shall be electronically issued only after the money is confirmed to have been transferred to our company. Confirmation by SMS After issuing, you will get the series and the details for the issued electronic ro-vignettes by SMS at the mobile phone number of your account.

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Your e-mail address is extremely important as the information regarding your order and desired items will be sent via e-mail. Registration Distributor authorized by C. The mailing costs are paid by the recipient. An incorrect e-mail address will slow down the entire ordering procedure.

You will receive by e-mail the respective proforma invoice make the payment - online by credit card through the card securized processor or by bank transfer by payment order After the confirmation of the payment the ro-vignettes are issued and you receive by e-mail the invoice and the ro-vignettes series and by SMS the series of the issued ro-vignettes.

The ro-vignettes are issued only after the confirmation of payment of the respective amount in the UNTRR bank account in a few minutes in case of a finalised online payment by credit card, or a few days in case of payment by payment order.