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She also reveals the reason why she is in Manila and finding Kenji: She also forms a friendship with a new student named Lucas, who ends up being Bee's new boyfriend. Shortly after Lucas replied, Kelay receives a call from her family saying that Athena has just gotten a heart attack.

He also tells Kenji that he has made a promise to a girl Kenji mistakens the promise for a wedding proposal. Kenneth opposes to this and says that he is the only child of Kenji Delos Reyes, has a birth certificate to prove it, and knows nothing about her.

Chaeyoung and I hopped inside my car and drove straight to the mall. And so Kenneth and Kelay go in his car.

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She just said we should break up. She also learns from her friends that Kenji had just been dumped by his girlfriend. The story then continues. He had brown hair that was too perfect to touch. These are my favorite jeans!

She s dating the gangster

He becomes very angry at Athena for pretending to be Bee. The story occurs in the 90s and starts when Athena Dizon, Kelay's aunt who was seventeen at the time, receives a text through her beeper from Kenji, the well known bad boy and gangster of the school.

Because of this, she breaks the deal off only to find out that Kenji also has feelings for her and wants the relationship to be real. The next day, Kenji brings Athena to the salon to have a new hairstyle.

But when she continues to refuse, Kenji does something crazy.