Shielding Effectiveness Simulation of Brass-Iron Sandwich Films Shielding Effectiveness Simulation of Brass-Iron Sandwich Films

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Shielding Effectiveness Simulation of Brass-Iron Sandwich Films

The experimental method is based on measurement of electric field inside the enclosure using an electric field probe with small dimensions is described in the paper.

Analytical methods for SE calculation of the shielding enclosures with aperture are described in [ 23 ]. The numerical methods are well usable here, because it is easy to change geometry of the model. In this paper, the comprehensive property of shielding fabrics was analyzed by the mathematic method-grey cluster analysis.

If this is not possible, numerical or analytical methods can be used for determining SE. An important part of any simulation is verification of the model results—here the simulation result are verified in terms of convergence of the model in dependence on the degrees of freedom DOF and by measurements.

For these reasons, there exist many standards and recommendations concerning electromagnetically compatible environments. Ken Originally Posted by tajeda11 Figured it out. The shielding effectiveness SE is the term describing the quality of the shielding. Shielding effectiveness The shielding effectiveness for electric and magnetic field is defined as the ratio expressed in decibels between the absolute value of electric field E1 or magnetic field H1 at a point in space without the shielding and the absolute value of electric field E2 or magnetic field H2 at the same point in space with the shielding [ 1 ]: It is found that in the presence of a continuous spacer with a resistivity on the order of 0.

That will have a good guidance on the application of induction heating to hot stamping field. One of its sources is high-speed data transmission. Solution of an illustrative example of SE by FEM is shown and simulation results are verified by experiments. There exist standards for SE measurement of shielding enclosures, but these standards do not respect the current trend—reduction of the device dimensions.

Repeat for each face of the inner box. Second, what solution type and exitation should be used to calculate metalic shielding effectiveness in a plane wave illumination senario? Do the same for a box on the inside of your enclosure.