Itano Tomomi (Queen) Kasai Tomomi (Elizabeth) - Itano Tomomi (Queen) Kasai Tomomi (Elizabeth) -

Shoujiki shogi itano tomomi dating. [eng sub] shoujiki shougi (oshima yuko vs kasai tomomi)

Yukirin with her trademark reactions. More questions follow, more stalemates, until a question involving Mariko Shinoda proves to be the decisive blow. Yuko though, not to be outdone or left out of all this, also uses her variety timing skills she is the queen of variety, after alland says her leg is hurting too.

Oshima Yuko vs Kasai Tomomi Variety queen. Hmmm, another truthful reveal. Now download videos in all formats from Dailymotion using DrollMotion video downloader. God damn it, Milky, I realized I just got fished writing about you!

Shoujiki Shougi - Erena Ono Vs Mayu Watanabe

Boss is like the Jurina of HKT. Just say that out loud a few times! One last note about this match: Do you think the girls actually write them?

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Then both players go for gut punches by asking some vanity questions about each other. The Tsuri-Baka idol gets kind of destroyed by Sayanee, however, when Sayanee brings up something rather unexpected. Is this Milky flirting with them?

Along with this, the double-center single got announced right after she won, and then she got to sit on her throne for about all of ten fucking seconds before everyone left her up there and security was ushering everyone out of the venue hall.

The juxtaposition here is humorous enough, you know?