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A cooking course graduate.

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Depending on your relationship levels, your characters can go from making out to heavy petting to doing the wild thing. Have the first character get dressed, and have the character talk to each other using the various Fun, Sensuality, Romance, and Friendship options to build up those relationships until they start getting hungry.

There are pose handles for each foot, each hand, the lower body, the upper body, and the directions the character is looking at.

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Go on, give it a whirl. She never backs down before a battle is won and the next one is already lined up. Neurotic characters are edgy, irrational, and sometimes get depressed.

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The fun need is satisfied. You can change back into 'Decorating Mode' if you want to buy more furniture or do the place up a bit. Left click on the bookshelf and select "Book" to extract a book to take to the sofa to read.

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A double bed is required. Quick 'n tasty meals.

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