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In an interview, Kitano admitted he was not fully satisfied with the final result of Brother and that he regretted his "Hollywood" adventure which was supposed to bring him a broader audience with a higher exposure.

But, what if he's successful? In North America Sonatine was released in theaters in April and Quentin Tarantino released a subtitled video edition in as part of his Rolling Thunder Pictures collection. However, my inability to fully comprehend what "Sonatine" is about doesn't strike me as a flaw.

Sonatine (1993)

Kitano doesn't seem to be interested in thrilling us with either the danger, grotesqueness, or thrill of violence--another, not clearly defined agenda is at work here. Unsentimental violence and playful boredom--a strange combination I'm not entirely sure what to make of this film--I suspect I need to view it at least once, and probably several more times before I can get a good hold on it.

Club summed the movie up as "a fresh take on the age-old yakuza genre that's infused by odd flourishes of style and playfulness, and jarring outbursts of humor and violence.

People hit and kill each other and it isn't much different than toast popping out of the toaster. Download Trailer Subtitle A world-weary yakuza in Tokyo is assigned to take his clan to Okinawa to help settle a dispute between two factions. He contacted the Japanese distributor in order to buy the license for Sonatine, but his request was rejected.

What is there to life anyway? The first night therehe rescues a young woman from an assault, and they develop a playful relationship.