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Spring redirect context relative dating, redirect (context relative) after flow completion

It can also be used as URI template and the values of template will automatically be replaced by the same key in the Model or attributes in RedirectAttributes. The output in console will be Message: We are using spring bean auto wiring to achieve this using Autowired and Qualifier annotations.

This way we can provide localized error messages to the user.

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If the validation went fine, we add the person to the list and we redirect the user to our main page. To show this we will build a simple application which displays first name, second name and age of already added persons at the top of the page and which additionally displays and handles HTML form for adding more persons.

Handling the home page If a user enters the home page of our application e.

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ValidationUtils utility class for basic validations such as null or empty. Using ModelAttribute is another way to add our bean object to the Model.

Now find the JSP to create form. We implement validate method and add errors if any field validation fails.

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Conclusion As you could see displaying web pages and handling forms in Spring is quite simple and straightforward. If we are using some resource such as DataSource, we can initialize them in the initialize method. Once this method returns, spring framework binds the Errors object to the BindingResult object that we use in our controller handler method.

Spring - Page Redirection Example

I am using Apache Tomcat 7 and below images show some of the pages with validation error messages. We use InternalResourceViewResolver which locates the actual view file in WAR by adding given prefix and suffix to the logical view name. Model contains the flash attributes of just previous request.

In RedirectViewthere is a method setContextRelative.