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There's no separating it in my mind from Christmases, birthdays, summers and winters growing up. In the action-packed three-battle finale, Luke duels with Darth under the gloating gaze of the Emperor while the Rebel Alliance throws every ship they have against the fleet of the Empire and on the forest moon of Endor, Han and friends strive to blow up a power plant generating a force field that protects the Death Star.

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Actor's game, once again, you can praise. The film has a lot of problems, that hurts the movie. Personally I don't mind the Ewoks, but their introduction causes the movie comes to a screeching halt. Hamill does an excellent job with his dramatic character development.

He does remember the first "Star Wars" themed gift he got Episode VI — Return of the Jedi is a third sequel in the original Star Wars trilogy it is flawed, yet very entertaining solid third sequel and an epic conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy.

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Watching Yoda in the prequels I have really enjoyed him much more than I have watching him in the last two movies. He was too young to fully appreciate how special that gift would be.

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Master Yoda dies in this film! Another fault of this movie is its attempts at humor. But years later, he would get what to this day goes down as one of the best gifts he's ever received: