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Starkid meredith and brian dating, relationship timeline

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Holy Musical B man! The basic premise of the show is a parody of the popular computer game The Oregon Trail.

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The music was interpreted by musical duo, TalkFine. Meredith is also part of the band Jim and the Povoloswhere she sings and plays the bongos. It featured nearly all of the StarKid actors and actresses.

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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It's being touted as the company's tenth full-length musical production, as Starship: The mug had blue and pink stripes on it.

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She played many various roles in Holy Musical B manincluding Dr. She had just placed the teabag in when their apartment door opened. It was announced on March 31, through the LeakyCon Twitter feed that Starkid Productions would hold a theatrical reading of their sequel to StarshipStarship: Since then she has done many other things with Team Starkid.

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Her initial response was to call Brian, but a different idea crept into her mind. So, he'll drink it and then, when it's almost empty, he'll see it. The script and soundtrack became available December and the play was released on YouTube on March 15, The cast album of the production is the first student-produced college musical's cast recording to debut on a Billboard chart.

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She has a brother named David, to whom she appears according to her twitter to be very close.