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Let's talk about something more exciting. Offer help to the guy of your dreams as he shops for work or party wear.

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Compliment him on his strong biceps and make him go gaga. Expressing your sexuality to a woman in a non-needy manner, eliciting her to become more attracted to you. Try to be different.

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As a man, it is your job to lead every interaction with a woman. The more times, the better. How were your classes today?

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Force yourself to get comfortable doing it - there is no way around it. Playing games is your lifestyle.

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Ellie's face burned with humiliation. I chose this example because I'm a guy who wants girls who are comfortable laughing about topics like porn.

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It should happen quickly, and you should be unashamed of taking a glance. How could she be so dumb? Don't be afraid to scare incompatible women off.

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