Archer on Airguns: Stoeger X20S Suppressor Test Data Performance Review Archer on Airguns: Stoeger X20S Suppressor Test Data Performance Review

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I cant decide, this will be my first air rifle and I have someone whos going to take care of the trigger and some other minor upgrades for me. It seems Stoeger guns have more grease in them than other brands so it is what it is.

Bear that package deal in mind though, and this rifle has to make an ideal starter pack or budget medium range hunting outfit. Then your right hand just lightly holds the gun like it was a feather. The thing that concerns me about that Gamo Gun Buddy deal Stanley mentioned is if put on the X20S at the base of the suppressor then it may get caught on or wedged in the stock when cocking and bend or break the stock.

Adjust the windbags first the the elevation. The one that knocks the whiskers off a kitten but doesn't wake up its owner or their other 33 cats. Kevin from USA asked: If you don't need to compensate for droop then high rings will suffice.

Stoeger X20 22 Air Rifle Review

This gun and the NP2 are still loud by stealth standards. Even off a bag I can't get a useable group with the Stoeger. Can a sling be in stalled its for an elderly gent Chevota from USA: It's not a bad gun, make sure you use the artillery hold for better accuracy and consistency, hope this helps you and good luck mate.

Sometimes I get the referb gun for as little as half price, and so far they all look brand new except for the R stamped on it so they can ID it as such.