Cell Wall: Meaning, Function and Structure (With Diagram) Cell Wall: Meaning, Function and Structure (With Diagram)

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The Cell Structure of an Onion

They are the powerhouse of the cell. They are composed of protein complex called pilin and are mainly involved in sticking to the objects especially during sexual reproduction.

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They are the fluid sacs, which are present in large numbers in plant cells. Cytoplasm Sandwiched between the vacuole and the cell wall is the cytosol.

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Cell wall is not uniform in thickness. Structure and Functions of a Prokaryotic Cell Capsule: The wall is thick and nonelastic and provide additional strength. Also contained within the cytoplasm of the plant cell is the nucleus, containing the primary genetic material of the plant.

Cutin reduces the rate of epidermal or surface transpiration.

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Cellulose fibers group together to form bundles called microfibrils. The cell walls are high in cellulose, a material that gives rigidity to the cell and which, when accumulated in large amounts in many cells, provides the strength and rigidity of everything from flower stems to tree trunks.

The cytosol is primarily water, salts and a variety of organic molecules serving various functions in relation to the cell and the greater organism.

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Two patterns are found in the cell, the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Hence it can also be defined as a fundamental unit of life.

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A molecule of DNA when the cell is not dividing in chromatin form: