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I was trying to focus myself on the moment, on the girl beside me, on what was real and solid, on anything that would keep Alice's deceitful, meaningless visions out of my head.

There was an earthquake in South America and a political kidnapping in the Middle East. By the end of the day, almost all the other students had returned to class, too.

Funny I had never been eager for school before but Bella had abruptly changed that.

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More unnecessary risks, I should say. Theory "Can I ask just one more? As she sat there, her hands hugging her legs to her chest, I closed my eyes. The human girl that was my punishment for being a monster. Luckily, it was a heavy news day. And yet, how tempting it was to prolong this moment.

Not Mike Newton's eyes, because I couldn't stand any more of his offensive fantasies, and not Jessica Stanley's, because her resentment toward Bella made me angry in a way that was not safe for the petty girl. Carlisle came with me; we hadn't been alone together since I'd returned from Denali.

The human girl that had been materialised out of my own personal hell. The tedium was not something I grew used to; every day seemed more impossibly monotonous than the last.

I sighed at the dilemma, and then said, "One.