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Jon woke up in the middle of night to witness the barn engulfed in flames. Add your rating See all 16 kid reviews. If you're hip to DC comics, you can talk with kids about how Batman is often described as the dark version of Superman, and take the philosophizing from there.

Clark, Lois and Jon had moved to the Hamilton Country and started their new lives as the Smith family. Families can talk about the splitting up of Superman's "good" and "evil" sides; who ever thought Superman would have a dark side at all? In his new position as a hacker, Gorman's job is to create worldwide disasters that will allow Webster to control coffee and oil markets.

The next morning, the Smiths start rebuilding the barn.

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When Jon angrily says his parents are using him as an excuse to keep secrets, Clark sends Jon to his room. Anguished, Jon cannot say a single word to her while Lois asks if she has seen their cat.

Kathy denies it and leaves. Clark and Lois have already explained to Jon they must keep their identities secret so they can do good for the new world without endangering their family.

Jon is horrified until he realizes a young girl just watched him use his powers. What could the Man of Steel have going on inside to be frustrated and angry about?

For now, those questions must be put aside, for the world needs Superman. It's flawed, however, and instead of destroying Superman it causes personality change, bringing out Superman's selfish, morose, and evil aspects. Edgy comedian Richard Pryor brings his typical screen persona, a rebellious urban petty hustler, somewhat jarringly, into Metropolis.

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