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Almqvist is referring to Sweden as "my country, not your country", as an insult to Ismail. A few minutes later they are seen picking up iron bars.


Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. When trying to get into the Riksdag, Isovaara was himself reported by the police for racial abuse against safety guards.

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This came to be known as the Iron pipe scandalalthough the same videos had already been released on YouTube by Erik Almqvist in He excused himself as having been under a lot of pressure and threats of violence at the time.

The Swedish Broadcasting Commission determined that this description was acceptable to use. They have argued that those "who do not involve themselves with reindeer husbandry are treated as second class citizens" and that the privileges the herders have are "undemocratic".

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SamiTornedalians and Jews in many cases have dual cultural identities and that they probably would be proud of both heritages. They want to restructure the councils and funds that are used to benefit the Sami population, so that they are used "regardless of ethnic identity and business operations".

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Ideology and political positions[ edit ] The Sweden Democrats' party programme is based on nationalism and social conservatism. They also want to abolish the Sami Parliamentwhich claims special privileges for an "ethnic minority while the society claims equal rights for others".

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They are also shown arguing with a drunken man. They oppose integration because they believe that integration involves "meeting in the middle" and do not think that the indigenous Swedish people should have to bear the burden of what they see as a reckless immigration policy.

Although an immigrant of any ethnic background in theory can become a Swedish citizen, they would have to adapt and be assimilated in order to be considered Swedish in the cultural sense.

Sweden Democratic Youth president Gustav Kasselstrand and vice president William Hahne criticized the decision to remove Almqvist and Ekeroth in an op-ed in Dagens Nyheterarguing that the party should not give in to media pressure.

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