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Notable Developments As cannabis culture continued to gain traction across North America following a period of renaissance during the s, the term "" also became widely adopted by cannabis smokers in the s, though mostly "passed along from stoner to stoner as a completely underground grassroots phenomenon," according to The High Times.

In Fast Times at Ridgemont High the final score of the football game is displayed as Inthe forReal. The flyer also came complete with an alleged backstory for the term " Most of the clocks used as props in Pulp Fiction are set to 4: The term "" has been routinely referenced in various popular movies and television shows.

This bill comes years after the term '' was associated with marijuana and indeed its number likely was chosen because of the existing pop culture connection. The term " friendly" is also commonly used among those who smoke and even those who do not to refer to people or places that are acceptable and open to the use of marijuana.

With the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, many hemp-based and cannabis culture products have taken on the term as part of their brand, including Atlanta's Sweetwater Brewing Co.

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Etymology Due to the largely anecdotal nature of the backstory, the coinage of the term has long been misattributed to a number of urban legends and unfounded connections that became widespread as cannabis culture thrived across North America and Europe.

The group initially referred to the meeting by the code phrase "4: Impact The term can be used to directly refer to marijuana. The phrase is often used ironically to mock cannabis enthusiasts who identify themselves with the stoner subculture.