"So You Think You Can Dance" mini-cap: the 20 contestants are chosen - AfterEllen

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Women should get extra points for dancing in heels. Makes sitting in front of the computer for long hours unpleasant too.

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At the end, it was down to two boys and two girls and only two slots. After auditions in six cities, dancers arrive and arrive and arrive in Las Vegas. They walk away, arm in arm, then embrace backstage.

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I am captivated by the sexiest fruit commercial ever, all juicy oranges and a whispering female voice purring about juice. Wait, was she in that painting? She has such a beautiful and lyrical style. Next, dancers learn the foxtrot from Jean Marc Genereaux.

Pitting two buddies against each other is so not fair. Can I say how hot this was? The two dancers return and after much hand wringing from the judges, their original decision holds and Natalie is sent home.

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Groups are meeting all over, working it out. Mary Murphy is there.

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You can read about wh…. I send the cats to the kitchen for more ice cream. So, my lovelies, here are the final twenty: After consulting with his client, Mr.