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The thing that is of importance today is the style and method of these paintings.


Those pranks normally called Ras Leela in local language, has been a common recurring theme for the Tanjore Paintings. The Tanjore images are normally of Gods and Goddesses, and the figures in these paintings is usually large, with the faces round and divine.

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The major paintings are of Lord Krishna, and his childhood pranks. Theme Of Tanjore Painting The paintings are mostly of Gods and Goddesses because this art of painting flourished at a time when fine-looking and striking temples were being constructed by rulers of several dynasties.

But has changed according to the local belief and vision of the people. Tanjore paintings were initially used to depict Hindu Gods and Goddesses in grandeur. This has helped this art to be alive till date, and has helped a very precious Indian art intact. Then chalk powder or zinc oxide is mixed with water-soluble adhesive and applied on the base.

Lace or thread is also used to decorate the jewellery. A mixture called "muk" is prepared using chalk powder and African gum in a ratio of 2: The same art form was patronized in Mysore by King Krishnarajendra Wodeyar.

Technique Making a Tanjore painting involves many stages.