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I did do 3 years of Latin at school, 35 years ago, so this is a handy refresher.

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Lyrics Training An online fill-in-the-blank activity for listening to music in Spanish. Spanish Proficiency Exercises All are video recordings of native speakers from different countries, and are organized by proficiency tasks and levels score!

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The explanations are clear with examples, and there are a variety of ways to practie. But this is a basic book and Mr. Put out Foreign Service Institute to train foreign workers and officials, it includes an online textbook and audio lessons.

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Let me know in the comments below! Destinos So Destinos is a bit dated. Radio Ambulante Produced by NPR, this podcast contains Latin American stories and is best suited for intermediate to advanced learners.

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Mi Vida Loca This series is one the best online Spanish resources! Spanish Listening This is another gold mine of native speakers, with videos divided by topic and level.

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The dictionary of the book is usually tailored to the text of the book so that many possible meanings of a word, those meanings not used in the text, are omitted. That should fill in the blanks.

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Betts only has so much space. It will aid you in determining the true thoughts of the writer and not just a crude suggestion of his thoughts.

The study of Latin bestows similar benefits linguistically. I encourage you, when searching eBay, to look for books from the 30s and 40s.

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Take a placement test and move through lessons at your own pace. It might have been nice to add a little English to Latin translation for flexibility of learning, like the Athenaze course, but a decent book, apart from paperback resilience issues.