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The teachers didn't help. In early March, a kid punched Josh in the face in gym class.

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School computer policies should discuss inappropriate content, password security, and viruses and malware. States and local lawmakers have enacted laws, usually through the education code, to protect children.

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Volunteering in class also allows a parent to keep an eye on the situation and develop a relationship with the teacher.

We want to keep this site positive: I was called every name you could imagine, and every night I would go home to my camper and cry myself to sleep silently and wish I could wake up pretty just like everyone else, but as I woke up, it never happened.

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And still to this day im bullied but I kinda got use to it except for the depression and the crying myself to sleep part. Now I lived, breathed and spoke Norwegian even my ancestry is Norwegian or Danish still not sure about that so when I came back to Scotland I was a scared six year old older then everyone starting a new school where nobody would understand me.

Bullying Stories: 8 Most Shocking Bullying Stories

At first it was little mean things, taking my lunch because "your too fat to eat" or the constant cries of "ewwwww" and "fatlard" in P. But it still went on here and there with other people, I was the "different" kid, even though i looked and acted perfectly normal, everyone around me would look and talk about me like I was something nasty or weird or different.

Notice in the first column that early adolescents with reputations as victims share many psychological and social adjustment problems.

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Finally, when a group of 20 kids threatened to beat me up at the carwash the next day, I told my older brother, who in turn informed my parents.