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Temple at yeha dating 800 b.c, the 7 oldest buildings in africa

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It is potentially the world's first cursive or flowing script, and used for basic legal agreements, administrative documents like employee timesheets or inventory lists, and friendly letters.

The 7 Vttv3 online dating Buildings in Africa 7. This is the largest of three pyramids to be found in the Dahshur necropolis in Cairo.

Even in the Americas, Vai is similar to scripts that were supposedly invented by Africans who, again, were coincidentally inspired by their dreams e.

Lion shaped mountain rock from Yeha, Ethiopia, Africa.

The word "Sabaean" itself derives from the Western name, "Sheba" from the Ge'ez word, Saba, whom modern Ethiopians call Makedathe D'mt leader to whom the "Sabaean" or "Old Ethiopian" script is attributed.

It's also worth mentioning that "Demotic" is the second script used on the famous "Rosetta Stone," which has been used by linguists to decipher the older Medu Neter, and "Demotic" is the basis for later scripts such as "Arabic.

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She was known locally as Queen Makeda and is believed to have ruled over an area of modern-day southern Eritrea and was involved in a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. A loan agreement in Demotic script c.

Yale University Press,p. Axum may have emerged from b. They crossed a wide wild river only, but not a sea. This represented a time when Axum was probably at its height in terms of its power and diplomatic connections. Yale University Press,p. Photo Credit The date of the temple is supported by local inscriptions.

There is also a legend that says that the rock was actually a grandmother who transformed into a rock after waiting for a grandfather to return from fishing, and so it is also called Grandma Rock.

It seems likely that Jewish settlers from Egypt, Sudan, and Arabia settled in Ethiopia, but attempts to link them chronologically with a specific biblical event such as Moses leading the Jews from Egypt or the Babylonian Captivity have not been successful.

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There are also several inscriptions at Aksum, the principal city perhaps not the only one from which Queen Makeda reigned.