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I am very nervous and excited about it. Their approaches may vary but the conclusion is the same - they think a life in Phuket with a Thai wife would be better than their current life back home.

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Before each relation can tie the string around our wrists they have to first put some money into a bowl! In video chat you can really see what a lady is thinking and feeling. If the parties agree that some of the payment will be returned, then the man is showing trust in his wife's family that they will honour the agreement.

A thoughtful gift, even a small one, is sure to impress.

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Tai is sitting in front of me and waiting for me to put the gold around her neck and on her wrist. In return, the bride and groom make a traditional Thai gesture of thanks. My grandfather is standing in front of us and puts a garland around our necks.

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The more money and gold that can be shown, the more face the family gains. Beware the Infamous Thai Bargirl!

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That is simply untrue. Until very recently, a presumably unmarried young couple would be frowned upon if they walked hand-in-hand affectionately in public.

I am really excited because this is the fun bit!