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Meatloaf is a classic Depression-era recipe intended to STRETCH a very small amount of ground meat - with fillers, bread crumbs, chopped veggies, beaten eggs, etc. Even as you laugh at him, you realize he can't help himself.

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Rather, it's how well a film is made that matters. It's hysterically funny to watch this poor schmuck wrestle with his petty obsessions and compulsions, oblivious to how he affects others.

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But it's more than that. After searching for hours, they return to Oscar's apartment to find out that Felix has moved in with the Pigeon sisters.

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Felix at one point even telephones Oscar at Shea Stadium telling him not to eat any hot dogs at the game, because Felix is preparing franks and beans for dinner; this distraction causes Oscar to miss seeing a rare triple-play at the Mets game on which he is reporting.

Felix retaliates by just being himself, driving Oscar insane with his endless cleaning and neurotic behavior.

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Finally, after Felix drives everyone at the weekly poker game crazy, Oscar convinces Felix to lighten up and join him on a double-date with two English girls who live in the building — the Pigeon sisters, Cecily Monica Evans and Gwendolyn Carole Shelley[3] who actually "coo" when they laugh.

But "The Odd Couple" was so well made that I fell in love with it. There are so many payoff moments of absurd comedy in "The Odd Couple," as when Oscar steps on a vacuum cleaner cord and then takes his foot off the cord at just the right moment to send Felix reeling.

He finds keeping things neat and tidy something that's fulfilling. Oscar cheers them up and they invite the boys upstairs for what should be a wild night.