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Treehouse of Horror 27 Oof. At their wedding reception, the other "freaks" announce that they accept Marge in spite of her being a "normal" outsider even though Marge claims she is a freak because she has one blue eye and one pale brown eye.

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Dead and Shoulders[ edit ] After getting decapitated during a day of flying his box kite in a fly zone near the Springfield airport, Bart is surgically attached to Lisa's body in order to extend Bart's life and cut Lisa's short.

After 28 of these, the premise is wearing a little thin… Treehouse of Horror 28 The latest Halloween offering is the Simpsons equivalent of a well-worn jacket.

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This episode reads like a checklist of typical Treehouse of Horror segments: And if you're expecting a funny and smart Bond parody from Moefinger, you'll be overjoyed to know all you're getting is a one-dimensional Kingsman parody. At least I've Grown a Costume on Your Face is fun to look at, even if it comes packed with, in hindsight, one of the most awkward jokes in the show's history.

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The Island of Dr. After having violent sex with the new Marge, Homer realizes that she has been transformed. However, instead of helping the children get their treats, he takes them on a casual rampage of death and destruction: Hair Toupee is a fairly decent effort, if a little too reliant on a tertiary character, but Starship Poopers gives us a glimpse at a Simpsons future that relies heavily on guest stars and shock value.

It's always a bad sign when an episode is stalling for time three minutes in. She investigates and, consequently, she is captured by Dr.

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The clone tells her that the real Homer was the first one to fall into the gorge. Treehouse of Horror 23 For all the talk about The Simpsons' switch to a more sterile HD look, this is one of the most gorgeous Treehouse of Horrors to date. Though the two eventually get along, Bart learns that he can control Lisa's body while she is unconscious and resolves to get rid of her to have total control.

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One day, when Ned asks if he can have his chainsaw given back to him, one of the Homer clones picks up the chainsaw and looks at Homer, who nods.