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In Season 3, the production team made a mission out of choosing the wake-up song, where they had Defconn and Kim Jong-min perform a showcase with their new songs for the other cast members to judge and choose which song is best to wake up too.

Kim Joo Hyuk Is Laid to Rest, '2 Days and 1 Night' Cast and Moon Geun Young Mourn at Funeral

As they all fight for the popular lectures, one of our members has to experience the joys of cancelling the cla I actually think this is pretty even on both sides.

The others are more concerned about the sea breeze, which is pretty strong.

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While lazing around in their dogpile, the boys sing this ridiculous nonsense song based on the multiplication table, which is really just wordplay that they string into a little narrative. On the episode aired on July 20,the members rebelled against the production crew for the first time of season 3, escaping from their sight while on the freeway and remained in hiding until the production team agreed to adhere to their demands.

Uhm Tae-woong joins the cast September 25, Traditional variety show quizzes are back [Two Days and One Night] Traditional variety show quizzes of "Family Entertainment" are back!

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Will he ever have the opportun Kim Jong-min rejoins the cast June 6, On the upcoming episode, members go on a coed trip to Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. If the production team loses, all 80 staff members including the casts' managers and coordinators were to sleep outside.