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U kwon dating allkpop forum, two idols dating? (+update)

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He also has been working on his songwriting, although it is as yet unclear whether he will have a song included on the upcoming Block B EP. The couple often 'Like' each other's posts on Instagram.

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Some netizens think "U-Kwon has crossed the line when it comes to what's acceptable for idols who are dating publicly", "He's showing it too much", "He's not respecting the fans, who provide him with the money that he needs to pay for his living and his happiness", etc, on a platform like SNS where "most of his followers are fans".

I will continue to keep liking you and supporting you so cheer up and show us great stages for the comeback promotion this time!!! Odds are that it is not even the second or third.

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Last year Jjam asked U-Kwon about the bracelet she gave him and he tweeted that he had lost it and is very sorry but then Jjam, who follows JHS on twitter, saw a picture that she uploaded wearing a bracelet which looks like the one she gave U-Kwon. Good luck to you, Kwon-ah!

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We had a lot of talks between us, and I think we worked it out. What do you think of U-Kwon and his ongoing public relationship, his social media activity, and netizens' debate? A looming question now is how long Block B will last, with the contracts expiring in a year and a half and older members due to serve mandatory military service soon.

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Sooo now that he's revealed he is dating Jun Hye Sun, people are bringing up the bracelet controversy again and well, people are getting angry. U-Kwon and his girlfriend seemingly co-own 5 pet dogs: But I like to influence even more people, by continuing to grow.

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Some say it's up to the idols themselves to choose what they post on social media, and others claim that SNS activity can have an effect on idols' individual careers as well as the careers of their group members.

As in the case of any idol dating, netizen opinions are divided.

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Well, it turns out that a K-BBC who goes by the name Jjam gave U-Kwon a customized bracelet of some sort as a present at a fanmeet a year ago which is causing some problems now he's admitted he is going out with Jun Hye Sun a model who is 4 years his senior.