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Urei 7110 compressor/limiter hookup, using classic compressors in your mixes

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Ultimately, if you are looking for the sound of the LA2A, but require the reliability of a modern piece of audio equipment, you should look no further.

Currently, reissues are available from latter-day Neve.

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The shootout begins with an explanation of the setup, the desire to own brand-new gear for its reliability, and the faithful recreation of the vintage LA2A that is the ADL and ADL, that emulates the design, build, and sound.

Your mileage may vary, but it is always worth a try.

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The faithful recreation has 4 vacuum tubes and beautifully made replica transformers. You can reach us toll free at The CL 1B is a great choice if you want relatively transparent sounding compression on acoustic guitars, or vocals, but it can also be used on mixes, and drums if you choose faster settings.

It offers three ratios - 2: It is a very simple and easy mod, you just have to track down the correct model and size of transformer.

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The super long release time allows you to create a very smooth release, but it is important to note that all the control is driven by transients or early attack.

You can let your ears be your guide, instead. The LA-2A is an effective, efficient and easy-to-use design that allows you to create musical results relatively quickly.

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These pieces of vintage gear are not created equal though, and some are better suited to one purpose than another. Where that unit is slow, smooth, and gentle, the is fast, edgy and aggressive.