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His sentence of 35 years of imprisonment was affirmed. For online businesses or websites which accept credit or debit card payments, or involve the transfer of personal or sensitive information such as names and addresses, an SSL certificate is a necessity for website security.

He was found guilty of: On further appearances on 9 November and 11 Novemberhe pleaded not guilty to the counts of the Indictment. Appeal verdicts[ edit ] The Appeals chamber issued its judgment on 30 January He was accused by the prosecutor at the ICTY of aiding and abetting genocide, extermination, murder, persecutions, forcible transfer, deportation.

Trials against seven indictees are ongoing, and three are still to start. The chamber reversed his convictions for the killing of six Bosnian Muslim men near Trnovo. Pursuant to the decision of the Constitutional Court the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina terminated the execution of the sanction of imprisonment for the accused and released him from prison before the initiation of new trial.

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There are three types of SSL certificates, each requiring a different level of authentication: He was acquitted of the charges of murder as a war crime, genocide, and complicity in genocide.

The cases were remanded to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a new trial. He was found not guilty on counts of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, and of extermination and deportation crimes against humanity. It also granted in part his ground of appeal concerning sentencing, recognizing that the trial chamber erred in law by considering his use of authority within the VRS Main Staff as an aggravating circumstance.