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Velour lashes wing woman dating, get to know us!

Where did the name come from? However, when Mabel Lee set out to launch Velour Lashes six years ago, she made it a point to clear up the misconception that falsies should be a reserved for special occasions and b left to the hands of a professional makeup artist.

In a very saturated beauty industry, my strategy was to focus on doing one thing but making sure I did it really, really well. Know how to wear and take off the eye lashes without hurting your eyes with Velour Lashes.

We even let our customers custom create their very own pair of lashes directly on our website with just a few easy clicks!

What is next for the brand? What advice do you have when picking a style of lash? Velour Lashes by lace Leave a Comment Mabel and Angela are behind Velour Lashes, a brand of cruelty free, premium quality false lashes that are steadily gaining a celebrity following.

Even in all our lash names and descriptions you see our cheeky and fun personality. We are so proud to say we have a very strong line of celebrities that LOVE our product.

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For the beginners, it brings useful tips to take care of the lashes bought in the long-run. The products of the company are also appreciated in other parts of the world and are highly cherished and liked by the worldwide base of fans.

The luxurious lashes of the company have been worn by some of the most famous models of the world including Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Demi Lovato, among other known personalities from the fashion and glamour industry.

The superb and meticulously crafted lashes are designed to perfection and are desirables of women of all age groups. Celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta, is a big fan of your lashes, how does that feel? One can find a range of images of mink and Sephora lashes being delicately displayed and worn by known and famous models.